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Our cloud solutions can transform your business. With instant access to files, dedicated servers, VPNs, secure back-ups and more, you can streamline your digital workflow.
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Cloud Solutions make digital collaboration and remote working simple. But like all things IT, it’s crucial that your chosen cloud solution has enhanced security protocols, disaster recovery and slick ease of accessibility.

From startups to multi-divisional corporate networks, we deliver secure, cost-effective cloud solutions tailored to your needs.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of moving your organization’s entire data from legacy systems to cloud-based systems. Switching results in a significant decrease in IT infrastructure management costs by as much as 30-50%.

Due to the pay-as-you-go mechanism, cloud services provide you the feasibility of maintaining and controlling your resources based on your needs. On the other hand, the legacy system prevents your business from scaling due to its limited capacity, reliability, and agility. 

So, when you switch to the cloud, your email, file servers, workload, applications and company records can be shifted to the cloud-based file-management mechanisms to ensure they support extensive collaboration, enhanced security and improved agility – dramatically speeding up your productivity and output!

Cloud Backup

Accidental mistakes can be costly. In 2018, 32% of businesses lost data in the cloud, causing a loss of $123 million! Fear not, we’ve got your covered.

Despite what many people think, clouds do not mean you’ll never have to back up your data. According to the 3-2-1 backup rule, you should have 3 total copies of data, with 2 copies on different media, and 1 of them located offsite. This rule still applies when you choose to switch to a cloud-based system. 

At Infinigence Consulting, we’re deeply invested in mastering our system to ensure there is an extra layer of backup for our customers. We provide the convenience of automated backups with customizable frequencies and on-demand backups provided by a dedicated admin. 

From nominal backups that include Office 365 and G Suite to major on-premises server backups, Infinigence Consulting will make sure all your data is safely stored!

Cloud File Server

Globally, everyone loves Google Drive and Dropbox. While these work exceptionally well for your day to day tasks, commercial businesses tend to demand a handful of extra dedicated services, which are not provided by these leading cloud storage players.

Infinigence Consulting provides a seamless and unique cloud-based storage solution that allows the users to access their data directly in the cloud, without the need for downloading or syncing. With its end-to-end encryption, data transfers are always secure.

Additionally, our unique cloud service can be used for post-production workflows on-the-go – reducing the probability of quality loss and costly transfer services. With real-time collaboration and automated snapshots, your business game will never be the same!

Centralized Signature Management

Signature management might seem like a relatively simple task when talking about 10 to 20 users. However, it becomes a tedious chore for SMBs and large-scale organizations to set and update individual signatures for every user.

Infinigence Consulting provides centralized signature management that allows businesses to adopt a consistent style of company email signature, have variations based on departments, consist of cross-platform email signature management, and satisfy the legal compliance policy of the business – all under one roof!

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With the increase in digital access, the responsibility of being instant in communication with your audience has become a necessity. Infinigence Consulting actively safeguards your Internet presence by directly bringing your business into the limelight!

Our customers witness a great improvement in content delivery and a dramatic surge in global audiences thanks to our intelligently-devised CDN services. They leverage the power of advanced usage analytics while avoiding the tiresome issues of high network latency. We know that slow loading times are your absolute enemy, so our CDN offers swift and reliable sharing of content.

Keeping your security concerns in mind, Infinigence Consulting invests dedicated resources to maintain the security protocols while allowing the businesses to engage with their audiences and scale up their operations faster than ever. With our network spanning multiple countries, your business is bound to get all the attention it deserves!

Collocation & Dedicated Servers

Keeping your specific business needs in mind, Infinigence Consulting prides itself on providing the facilities of both collocated and dedicated servers.

Our collocated servers deliver premium services while withstanding the looming cybersecurity threats, ensuring there is no interruption in data streaming due to power outages or bandwidth limitations.

If your willing to have specialized and isolated access to a complete server, we’ll provide you with the facility of a dedicated server that is hosted in our data center. This allows you to avoid all sorts of security risks and probable causes of interruptions in data streaming.

We are currently operational in 15 countries across the world with maximum usages tracked in different parts of Bahrain, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, and USA.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Since Infinigence Consulting values its customers and emphasizes on the delivery of cost-efficient solutions, we provide the facility of creating virtual private servers on both shared and dedicated servers for our customers’ convenience.

Contrary to popular belief, a shared server does have the probability of affecting your work due to excessive usage from other users. However, when you acquire a virtual private server, it allows you to have a more stable flow of services.

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