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70% of businesses report their productivity is affected by IT-related concerns. We help you make scalable investments, through powerful IT infrastructure.
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With certified experts and industry-leading tools and systems on board, Infinigence Consulting aims to help you increase business efficiency and productivity whilst promoting scalability. Whether you need to conquer advanced security threats or require hefty system upgrades, our talented team can help you smoothly navigate through all your business and IT challenges.

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IT Consulting & vCIO

Proper strategic IT planning is crucial; one slight mistake and your business could come crippling down. IT Consultation services help find a cost-effective answer to IT-related fixes that are becoming pricier by the year. Not all businesses have enough resources to invest in their IT sector. In fact, Fortune 100 companies bear the costs of more than $100 billion annually caused due to multiple IT-related problems.

At Infinigence Consulting, we assign you your very own virtual Chief Information Officer who overlooks your entire IT infrastructure. Keeping your short-term and long-term business goals in mind, we devise a cost-efficient IT strategy for your business while managing and guiding your IT operations – without all the added costs. We also signify the importance of IT stack review to ensure that all the IT security and compliance requirements are being met.

Network Design & Upgrade

Concrete network infrastructures lie at the heart of modern communication. No matter how effective your IT infrastructure is, it will only bring results when it aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Infinigence Consulting offers you high-power network design, deployment procedures and support to help you step up your business game. We find the best Wi-Fi solutions to provide you smooth, faster access to the Internet that also covers multiple sites/campuses. We also help you locate the best servers and hardware to promote maximum growth. From network design and wireless infrastructures to feasibility analysis and maintenance, Infinigence Consulting is your one-stop-shop that meets all your technology and networking needs.

Workstation & Server Upgrade

On average, businesses are advised to replace their workstations and servers every 3-5 years. Although the upgrades can be painful due to the downtime and upgrade costs, businesses need to take preemptive measures to avoid negatively impacting their performance and security.

Infinigence Consulting provides on-site surveys that allow us to accurately assess your servers, desktops, and equipment to prepare cost-efficient plans for your business. Our Technical Consultants work tirelessly to ensure that you are not overcharged and receive the upgrades required to provide smooth operations.


Most SMBs are only utilizing 40-60% of their hardware resources, which leads to excessive costs in the long run. We believe that if a business can have faster Desktop and Server Provisioning and Deployment, Small Footprint and Energy Saving, and witness improvement in Data Security and Disaster Recovery, then why shouldn’t they switch to virtualization? 94% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss burn themselves out within two years. That’s why Infinigence Consulting is here to provide you cost-efficient Virtualization IT Solutions to aid your business.

Wireless Network

Businesses that can implement reliable and secure wireless networks can scale up faster across their companies. It has become an integral part of the entire customer experience from airports to restaurants. 

That’s why Infinigence Consulting provides specialized services of Wireless Network installations for businesses to gain secure network access and help scalability as the business expands. From designing to testing and maintenance, our team ensures your wireless connection is as reliable and consistent as possible!

Wireless Point-to-Point

Do you have offices at multiple locations and are unable to get connectivity at each place? To ensure maximum productivity, you need to make sure your communication is strong across all channels.

We provide Wireless Point-to-Point connections that can establish a solid network connection between two or more locations. It is a lot more cost-effective than leased lines. Furthermore, Wireless Point-to-Point connections cost you less in the long run. In events of critical network failures, you can request a disaster recovery link as a backup to continue your operations.

Back Up, Disaster Recovery

Let’s be honest. It is not easy to create regular backups of all your data – especially when you are so focused on taking your business forward. According to cybersecurity experts, you are advised to back up all your vital data every 24 hours to prevent losses. Network failures are incredibly volatile and unpredictable in nature; therefore, you always need to remain prepared.

 Another threat is the lack of proper cybersecurity preps. In 2017, almost 61% of businesses reported an attack due to a weakness in their cybersecurity.

 Infinigence Consulting provides a dedicated and focused plan for your business after extensively studying its significance of data integrity and the frequency of data backups. These dedicated plans help businesses remain prepared at all times. With us, you will always have a plan B (and plan C) in place just in case a disaster strikes!

IT Procurement

Getting your own IT equipment may seem like an easy task, but in reality, it’s far harder. One wrong selection and suddenly, you have an overpriced system that does not work for your business. You may end up throwing in more money and time than imagined.

With extensive expertise in the IT and technology industry, we know exactly what hardware, software and equipment your business needs to prosper. We look beyond the primary purchases and focus on the integrations to ensure your newly-bought equipment aligns well with your business goals and drives maximal productivity.

Structured Cabling

We know that your entire business is heavily reliant on reliable network infrastructure. That is why we provide all-inclusive structured cabling services for your business. From designing, installations, testing and implementation, we build your entire cabling infrastructure, including data cabling, audio/video and voice cabling, security systems, fiber optic cabling, VoIP systems, LAN cabling and network wirings.

When you have a bullet-proof infrastructure in place, there is no room for unexpected downtimes and network failures – saving you money and lost time.

IT Relocation Services

Office moves and renovations can be extremely daunting to manage with the consistent load of regular business tasks. And moving your entire IT infrastructure is a different story altogether. You wouldn’t attempt to move the furniture yourself, so why would you try to move your entire IT infrastructure?

Infinigence Consulting can help you swiftly and reliably relocate your entire IT setup to a new location, ensuring your moving doesn’t interfere with your work schedule.

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