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With the rise in software developers across the globe, the competition to provide the best services is fiercer than ever!

At Infinigence Consulting, we focus on providing unique solutions. That’s why we’ve partnered up with a number of renowned and well-reputed manufacturers that provide software solutions to aid your business management tasks. We offer complete packages – from the licensing requirements to the integration – allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Zoho Books

The majority of businesses agree that finding an appropriate and user-friendly accounting software solution is one of their biggest struggles.

However, with Zoho Books, your problems might finally have a solution. With end-to-end accounting aiding you in negotiating deals until invoicing, Zoho Books provides you a highly collaborative platform that can be integrated with ease and allows you to channel your entire focus on your business.

Veeam Backup

You’d be surprised to learn that companies are advised to back up all their crucial data every 3 -6 hours to safeguard the continuity of their operations. How often do you back up your data? A network disaster or system failure is most likely to hit you when you are least prepared, causing colossal damage. At Infinigence Consulting, we realize the importance of your business’s data and bring forth this powerful software solution renowned for delivering exactly what it claims.

Due to its quality of premium services, Veeam Backup is currently one of the industry-leaders in the Backup & Replication Software area. It caters to ALL your cloud, virtual, and physical workload needs. Furthermore, with its clean and consistent user interface, the software guarantees a pleasing experience with the added help of a simple-by-design management console.

PDF-XChange Editor

You may already know that Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF software available. But what if we told you that there is an option that can provide all of this and more with premium-quality customer support at a significantly reduced price?

PDF-XChange Editor is the answer to your search for an appropriate, reliable, and scalable alternative of the common PDF solutions. It’s lightweight, efficient, and dynamic features allow you to scale your work with enhanced efficiency.


With the quality of its services and the cutting-edge software solutions it has brought forth, VMWare needs no extra validation regarding its reputation. To aid the IT management sector of the businesses, VMWare has introduced VMWare ESXI that is a bare-metal hypervisor, which helps your cause for consistent upgrades in IT resources. With extended IT administrative controls and state-of-the-art security of virtual machines, ESXI shows why it is one of the leading products to streamline your IT operations.


Did you know that since 2015, IT companies have been receiving threats of unusual kinds from over 200 million unique URLs quarterly? These numbers specifically emphasize on the fact that malware reciprocation and attacks are getting stronger as the technology is advancing. Knowing how valuable data is to your business, Infinigence Consulting uses Malwarebytes to free you from malware-protection concerns.

Microsoft Products (Office/Servers/Windows)

Have you been in search of a one-stop shop to get your hands on the latest Microsoft products and their licenses? Well, Infinigence Consulting, has got you covered. With a densely populated list of Microsoft products, ranging from Office 365 to the officially licensed Microsoft Windows 10, and Windows Server we provide every essential tool and more.


Did you know that every 1 in 4 organizations is likely to witness a breach in security if its cyber-security is sub-par? Since 2013, there have been a total number of 3.8 million records stolen every single day in the event of a cyber-attack(s). Considering these staggering stats, Infinigence Consulting brings forth an iron-clad software solution to help you ensure safe communications.

In this age of digital freedom and extensive access to worldwide information, the emphasis on security is one of the defining factors of a business’s integrity and reputation. With Duo, your business will receive an unbreachable layer of security that will ensure safe communications across all networks.

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