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Are you a part of the Aramco supply chain? Then you will be required to enforce and evidence that you are in accordance with the Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate.
We can help you through the entire process.
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Your business with Aramco is on the line
The Saudi Aramco Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002) is a set of requirements that vendors need to comply with to do business with Saudi Aramco. The goal of the standard is to protect Saudi Aramco’s critical assets and information from cyber-attacks.

To qualify for the Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC), businesses like yours have to meet an extensive number of business critical requirements. You are required to evaluate your ICT infrastructure, identify any major security issues, fix your major security problems (in accordance with best practices), and submit an evidence based report which confirms that your organization maintains sufficient security practices. Determining best practices, and selecting the right measures to implement is part science and part fine art.

Taking Your First Steps

If you are feeling intimidated by cybersecurity compliance, you aren’t alone! Many of our clients felt the same way before we simplified the process for them.

Clear Objective

You can receive the compliance certificate just like them. We can help you with our simple, step-by-step process of making sure your business fulfills all the requirements. 

Professional Attitude

When we work with you, we help craft a refined, evidence based, tested and augmented security program, in line with compliance requirements and global best practices.

You’re in good hands!

Save Time

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have the time or resources to get your Aramco CCC. Our consultation service provides you with all the essential cybersecurity controls that you need to get your CCC. No independent research or wasted time required!

Quality Work, Quality Results

When you work with us, your project gets our undivided attention! The goal is compliance with Aramco’s guidelines and the implementation of best practices, so we will put in the work necessary to get you there. Our motto is quality, reliability, trust and cost effectiveness!

No More Guessing!

We’ve helped several clients just like you, so we know what Aramco is looking for. You will know exactly what you need to do to qualify for the Aramco certificate.By sharing this information, we raise your cybersecurity awareness and your compliance standards.

Getting the CCC is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Devise a strategy.
Contact us via email or phone so we can evaluate your needs and come up with a plan to help you achieve compliance!

2. Prepare Required Evidence and Paperwork.
Work with us to ensure you have everything you need to submit your report to the auditor.

3. Get your certificate.

We are Committed to Helping
You Become Compliant

We understand how confusing the compliance process can be for owners of small and mid-sized businesses. Maybe you don’t have time to research the requirements because you’re busy running your business. Maybe you understand the requirements, but can’t quite figure out what area of your current infrastructure needs to be refined. Or you can identify the area that needs fixing, but don’t know how to fix it.
Whatever situation you are in, you deserve clarity. You deserve answers. We are here to provide them to you. We understand the requirements. We can identify what your infrastructure is missing. We can also help you make the necessary changes to meet Aramco’s standards, as we have done so time and time again.
Last year, we helped 15 clients get the certificate. Now, it’s your turn!
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